3 easy steps to your wedding day

We understand that when you are planning to get married and want to commission wedding planners to organise your wedding, you need the comfort of knowing what it is going to cost you, and what you are going to get for your money.

Below is a step-by-step process that should answer your questions:


We offer you, free of charge, a telephone or face to face consultation to discuss your thoughts and ideas for your special day. We then provide you with a few suitable venues that match your requirements together with an outline of the costs that you would expect to pay.


Our Silver Service, offers us to meet with you and take you on a tour of venues. Once you have chosen your venue we will secure the booking for you. You are then free to either organise the rest of the wedding yourself or appoint us to carry out our Gold Service.


Our Gold Service is designed to cover the management, organisation and support of all aspects of your wedding as follows:

  • Pre planning

    Client communication, general organisation and administration. Sourcing, liaising and dealing with venue for marriage and reception. Sourcing, liaising and dealing with sub contractors.

  • Pre wedding visit

    Organising the meetings with clients and minister. Accompanying the clients on venue visits and discussing all arrangements.

  • Pre wedding week

    Organising a venue visit for client and principal guests. Checking all arrangements and suppliers. Attending to any last minute details.

  • Wedding day

    Being on site to manage all aspects of the day.

  • Post wedding day

    Checking venue, finalising administration and paying any accounts on behalf of clients


My Majorca Wedding manages weddings for clients on a fee only basis.
This fee is calculated in terms of client requirements and is agreed by both parties. My Majorca Wedding pledges that the fee that you are quoted is the fee you will be charged.